Outdoor Adventurer. Avid Bookworm. World Traveler. Business Professional.


Friends and family often describe me as brave or fearless. I prefer to say I’m adventurous.

I grew up in a log house in western Pennsylvania, where my early adventures involved exploring the woods behind my house and riding my bike around the neighborhood. I fell in love with reading, and books introduced me to the world outside my lived experience. Unable to travel far I instead created my own secret worlds and stories, sparking an imaginative form of wanderlust.

I moved to Pittsburgh to study business in university and spent the next ten years there, immersing myself in new experiences and learning how to step outside my comfort zone. I began a career in supply chain management, working my way through a number of different industries and finding an interest in business analysis and supply chain planning. The city of black & gold served as my home base as I started traveling the world and discovered hiking as a new way to experience the outdoors.

As a love of the outdoors became an increasingly important part of my life, I knew it was time to find a place where I could celebrate that passion. In 2018 I relocated to Portland, OR in order to live a life more centered around the outdoors. Today, hiking and backpacking are key elements in my life, in addition to a continued love of reading, exploring the world, and developing my career.